Runathon Roundup – Week 1

Runathon Roundup

Well what a way to kick start 2019. Over 130 people have signed up to our competition. We’ve been flooded with entries, so it’s high time to announce each of our winners for the first week! Congrats to everyone who has taken part so far!

If you haven’t taken part yet, don’t worry, while there is a monthly competition, there are also daily, and weekly competitions. All you have to do is go for a run, or a long walk, share your run on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), and use the hashtags #runrathon and #runrepublic in the description!

So what are the prizes on offer this week? Here are the prizes you’ve been competing for this week! More can be found on

DAILY – Participation – Run Republic Tech Tee – I have loads of running medals, and have never won a race, participation prizes count!! – Picked at Random each day from social media runners of the day
WEEKLY – Best Selfie – Run Republic Goodie Bag – We all love a running good selfie, so be sure to tag us, or it won’t count!! – €20 worth of goodies from Run Republic Partners
WEEKLY – Best Blog – Run Republic Goodie Bag – Chosen by our panel of judges from all those who submit a blog to Run Republic, which gets published on site – €20 worth of goodies from Run Republic Partners


January 1st – Claire via Instagram
January 2nd – Lorcan via Instagram
January 3rd – Aine via Twitter
January 4th – Jen via Instagram
January 5th – Anton via Facebook
January 6th – Shane via Facebook
January 7th – Gavin via Instagram

If you haven’t logged your run yet, get up, get out, and log your run!!

Weekly Winners – Week 1

Best BlogSiobhan Grant – Moving Is Improving
Best Selfie – Running One Day at a Time – Instagram



SHARE YOUR RUN – Now that you’ve signed up, all you have to do is share your run on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!! If you have a private account, we won’t be able to see your post, so if you’re account is private, you can send us a screenshot of your run

RUN – There are Parkruns (see for more), and some amazing races taking place around the country tomorrow. It would be a great way to kickstart your running in 2019! There are prizes for most consecutative days, but if you miss a day, don’t worry, there are loads of daily and weekly prizes you could win. Our goal is to get people active, and reward people when they are!!

OPTIONAL – BLOGGING – If you feel like blogging about your run, or your running experience, you can fill out the form on this page and it will be published on Run Republic -> HERE. There are extra prizes for blogging, so it might be a way to give your creative writing a chance to shine!

Finally, all of the Run Republic Team here would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and hope to see you out on the roads in 2019!

UCD Athletics Track set for 2020 revival
UCD Athletics Track set

UCD Athletics Track set for 2020 revival


Visualisation for beginners

Visualisation for beginners

I’ve been a competitive athlete all my life

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