31 Mar 2024



Countdown to race day!

The second edition of the EASTER LILY 5KM REMEMBERING AOIBHE returns in 2024 with all proceeds going to ACT for Meningitis charity.

This year we have the 5km for 16yrs+ and two kids track races on the Doughiska grass track.

1 one race for 4 to 8yrs and 1 race for 9 to 15yrs.

We are this year delighted to support ACT FOR MENINGITIS charity with the events profits.

“ACT for Meningitis is a national support and awareness charity who are working to save lives through greater disease awareness, while providing free support services to anyone in the country who has been affected by meningitis. Set up in 2011 by Siobhan and Noel Carroll following the loss of their daughter Aoibhe, aged 4 to meningitis, ACT for Meningitis have seen firsthand the importance of meningitis awareness.

ACT for Meningitis believe that no-one should ever have to face the meningitis journey alone and to ensure this they have free support services meaning that if you have been affected by meningitis, either through bereavement or living with the severe after affects of the disease, ACT are here to support you and your family,for as long as you need”


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