Marathon Link-Up: Brescia Art Marathon

Brescia Art Marathon

Are you running the Brescia Art Marathon? If so and want to link up with fellow runners, comment below!!

In our Marathon Link-Up Series, we are aiming to bring runners together who are running national or international marathons.

Brescia Art Marathon 2017 has reached the 15th edition

International marathon approved by the Italian Athletics Federation

The path is entirely within the city and it is officially measured and certified. Departure is located north of the city in Viale Europa and arrival is in the historical Piazza della Loggia. See the route (CLICK HERE )

To participate:

• Participation is open to all who are 20 years old and above on the race day

Participants who are not enrolled in any competitive sports club must follow these indications:

Download the HEALTH FORM (click here to download the health form). It must be filled by their doctor and must be consigned, with an I.D. document when signing up. The participants must buy the RUNCARD (15 euros) issued by the Italian Atlethic Federation. These douments are essential fot the registration’s acceptance and they will guarantee the insurance coverage for that day. 

REGISTRATION FEES (transaction costs included)

From 1st June to 31st August 2016 € 28
From 1st September to 31st October 2016 € 33
From 1st November to 31th December 2016 € 37
From 1st Jenuary to 31st Jenuasy 2017 € 42
From 1st February to 5th March 2017 € 47
From 6th March to 10th March 2017 € 50
Saturday 11th March 2017 in EXPO € 60


CLICK HERE, choose your language to join the race!

Services included in the registration:

  • Race Chip
  • Goody bag
  • Race number
  • Official T-Shirt
  • Official Medal at the end of the race
  • Certificate of participation
  • Refreshments over the course of the race
  • Final refreshment at arrival
  • Pasta party
  • Insurance
  • Technical and medical assistance
  • Post-race  physiotherapy
  • Storage bags service
  • Dressing room service
Marathon Link-Up: Vodafone Malta Marathon & Half Marathon
Vodafone Malta Marathon & Half Marathon

Marathon Link-Up: Vodafone Malta Marathon & Half Marathon

Are you running the Vodafone Malta Marathon?

How I’m getting focused on running again…

How I’m getting focused on running again…

I was really struggling with focus

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