Inaugural run

190 runners, joggers and walkers took off on the first 5k Brickfields parkrun last Saturday. The rain held off and by the end of the 5k no one felt the cold air. Wherever you looked around the park, the one thing that was obvious on everyone’s face were the big smiles and at the finish line the sense of achievement. The parkrun however was about more than that last Saturday in Brickfields. New friends were made and a lot of people used the park for the first time and got to see the great resource we have on our doorstep. While parkruns are great for a heathy body, a lot of us found out that they are also great for a healthy mind. ‘Good for the soul’ as one volunteer said!

Sign up and register today. You won’t regret it!

Chia Beet Burgers

Chia Beet Burgers

Chia beet burgers are the perfect healthy burger alternative

Chia, Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes

Chia, Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes

These Chia, Apple and Cinnamon pancakes are flipping fantastic

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