Run 204 02/06/2018

There was a awful lot to be excited about this week – so no slick sophistry required from me – I’m just going to crack on and give you the news in a nutshell, as it’s all amazing!

Run 204 was heralded by a close and cloudy morning and a pretty crowded ferry … perhaps there was a celebrity in town … a big family gathering … or some travelling tourists …
Off the ferry and Wonky Bear (Park Run mascot created from recycled hi-viz vests) was thrust into the arms of Suzanne for his paparazzi pics as arragned by Proinnsias, this week’s Tail Walker and bonefide bear keeper. Though there was a bit of swell on the crossing, we were informed that poor Wonky Bear had it much worse – making the journey by shoe box – we trust it was business class! If you want to keep abreast of Wonky’s travels you can follow him on Facebook … he has a Facebook profile and therefore he certainly exists.
More excitement today was created by a migration of Moriartys, and a smaller gaggle of Glendons, who impressively boosted our numbers on this muggy morning. Garry assured me they had come “from far and wide” but one thing they have in common is a fair spring in their step as the run/jog/walk/buggy push proved no bother to them at all.
And … in addition to all this excitement – bears on Bere Island and holiday homecomings- we had the very first outing of the Beara AC strip. The club was launched in January, we started training in April and now in June, after achieving some powerful PBs, we’ve got a strip to show off in, with Cork colours and go faster stripes! Exciting times for Beara – make sure you get on board!
Now, to the serious business. As you all well know I like nothing better than to be right … now last week I noticed that Colin Gleeson was picking up the pace and predicted that his PB would be under threat … I also predicted quicker times from Oisin Murphy … and this week those predictions came true! Joy! Oisin knocked another 15 seconds off his PB finishing in 21:17 and Colin knocked 16 off his finally smashing through the 22 minute barrier … the difference? Oisin’s previous best was a month ago and Colin’s back in November 2016. Patience (not patients) is a virtue! But it goes to show, getting faster isn’t just for teenagers – I put it down to the Beara AC kit – so did Colin!
Not too far ahead of Oisin and Colin were the first finishers – This week it was Vincent O’Sullivan who officially finished first in 19.27 … behind a mysterious Unknown. In a dramatic twist to this week’s tale – not quite Lear, but you catch my drift- the unknown first finisher took a bit of a wrong turn and an unwitting short cut to the finish. So, unfortunately there was no time recorded, but a small bit of detective work revealed that the mystery man was Adam Baker, native of Roding Valley Park Run. Adam is from Buckhurst Hill – 5 minutes down the road from my family home in glorious Essex (the accent is unmistakeable) … and was born in Sidcup – where Steve and I lived for 5 years … he has also, like me, completed all six World Marathon Majors. Only about 800 people in the world have this achievement under their belt. So what are the odds two of them turning up on Bere Island? The island attracts talent, is all I can say! Unlike me, Adam was heading to South Africa – to the famous Comrades ultra marathon via the massive Durban Park Run with 2000 participants! We wish him luck on his travels.
Also this week, sorry, I did say there was a lot, Joanne finished as first female, there were seven first timers – five of whom were completing their very first Park Run- and six PBs! Welcome, congratulations, please keep coming back to see us, if only for the scones! 

Event Cancellations

Event Cancellations

Due to events taken place in Avondale Forest Park we will have no events on the

Run 205 09/06/2018

Run 205 09/06/2018

Grab a cuppa, it could be a long one

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