Stook Success 2015!!

Our annual 10 mile and 5k challenging road race started at 12pm on Sunday 22nd of November. Danny Smith from Ballynonty AC finished first for the men at 57:34 and Márie Griffith from St. Abbans at 1:10:42.

The 10 mile and 5k dash had great numbers and all the runners were greeting with a cowbell & a warm cuppa as well as sandwiches, homemade breads, scones, and brac. Cowbells rang out across Dungarvan village supporting the runners across the finish line.

Next year’s race is already set for the 27th of November 2016.

Thanks to Young Ireland’s GAA for their partnership, to our sponsors, to the local community for their generous support and most of all to the runners. Runners of all ages, top class runners, athletic club runners, couch to 5k beginners, fit for life & bootcamp groups. All these runners make Stook what it is!

Race results can be found at Stook Results 2015

Lots more photos at


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