What exactly is Barley Grass?

What exactly is barley grass and why is it good for me? Today, we meet the team from The Little Pharma at Outdoor Revolution. They were brilliant at explaining the benefits, but it got us thinking, what exactly is barley grass?

Barley grass is simply the leaves of the Barley plant. Barley grass has many health benefits, especially if the grass is harvested when it is younger. In the early years of civilisation, Barley was one of the first cereal grains to be cultivated, and it’s been keeping us healthy ever since.


Barley grass is a great source of antioxidants and as such is capable of looking for free radicals located in the body, increase the production of oxygen free radicals, and can help patients who are suffering from sinusitis, rheumatoid, gout, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes.

Prevention of cancer

Barley grass extracts can also be helpful in protecting the tissue cells from cancer-causing carcinogens. Studies remain inconclusive as to whether it is the antioxidant properties or the chlorophyll content of the plant that helps in cancer prevention. High levels of the antioxidant ‘superoxide dismutase’ can help to protect the body from radiation.

Lowering cholesterol

Barley grass contains ‘beta-sitosterol’ which can help in lowering the cholesterol level of the body by blocking the absorption of cholesterol by the intestines, and in the acceleration of the conversion of catabolism to bile acid.


Barley grass is beneficial in detoxifying the body since due to its cleansing properties. Constant intake of barley grass helps in the elimination of the accumulated harmful elements in the body. High levels of chlorophyll and beta carotene can also aid in the extraction of crystallised acids and mucus.

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