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Review: Garmin Forerunner 235


Review: Garmin Forerunner 235

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a great watch for the aspiring runner – ★★★★★

I purchased my Forerunner 235 about 12 months ago, and I haven’t looked back since. While the price of the 235 might put some runners off, the watch is a great companion for runners of all abilities, and those aspiring for longer distances such as half marathons or marathons. An advantage of the Garmin Forerunner 235, is how quick is locks onto GPS signal. This was a slight issue I had with the Forerunner 35, which in its own right was a great watch which did what it had to do, but it sometimes took a while to lock onto a GPS signal. While this is only a small feature, it makes a big difference when you’re getting ready to go for a run, or lining up at the start of a race.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is feature-rich with everything from a built-in heart rate monitor, to a high fidelity screen which displays your average and Max heart rate and visualisers your training zone and other important information. The training screens also show your running zone, as well as your pace, cadence, calories burnt, as well as other information.

The 235 is a fantastic watch for the aspiring runner. If you’re hoping to run a marathon this year, or if you’re training for a certain race, this is the watch you. As with all smart watches, there can be concern around the battery life, and just how often you have to charge your watch. I pretty much wear my Forerunner all the time. The battery lasts a few days if you’re going for mid-distance runners. I charge my watch once, max twice a week. If he use the Bluetooth feature to link it to your smart phone, battery life might be just a couple of days. When compared to other smart watches, this isn’t too bad, but it is something you need to be aware of when getting a smart watch. I charge my watch when going to bed, and that does the job!

Having used the Forerunner 235 for a while now, I really don’t have anything negative to say, and I suppose that says it all.

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Paddy is the founder of Run Republic. Paddy has run 14 marathons and 1 ultramarathon to date.

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Marathon // Europe // Germany // October

10/11/2020 // Munich, Germany // $91.00


The cityscape of the home of Munich Marathon is characterized by centuries-old buildings and numerous museums. The Bavarian capital is known for the annual Oktoberfest and it’s sportiness. In the old town on the central Marienplatz there are landmarks such as the neo-Gothic New Town Hall, whose popular carillon plays melodies and stories from the 16th century.

The city of München Marathon is a natural habitat of Mediterranean-style street cafes, highbrow art and high-tech industry, Germany’s unofficial southern capital is a flourishing success story that revels in its own contradictions. If you’re looking for Alpine clichés, they’re all here, but the Bavarian metropolis has many an unexpected sides to be discovered.

With that being said, the Munich Marathon is the place to be!!

Whoever has competed in one of the editions of München Marathon knows that tingling sensation. The concentration and tension of the runners is tangible; only subsiding when the starter’s pistol finally sounds and your sightseeing tour through Munich starts right away.





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