3 Top Tips to Boost your Running Speed

December 03, 2018

I've recently got my running shoes back on, and back into gear! Getting back to a steady pace was hard work, but I found I had lost a kick at the end of a run. So how do we get that kick back? Here are 3 workouts which will help you finish in style! 

  • Alternate Pace Training - When we go out training, its very easy to find ourselves in a tempo run, or an endurance run. The pace is steady, and you find yourself in the zone! While all well and good, and essential, these runs won't train your body into giving you a kick at the end of a race. Alternate Pace Training is where you build strategic surges into your run. A sample would be: - 2 Min Threshold - 1 Min Rest - 30 Seconds Flat Out - 3 Min Jog - Repeat 5 Time We can't promise it will be enjoyable or fun, but it will be well worth it!
  • Progressive Pace Runs - Similar to running negative splits, the goal is to progressively increase your pace and intensity during your run for predetermined splits. For a 5K run, can you run each 1k split at a progressively faster pace? For example: - 1K Split at 5:40 min/km (or 9:07 min/mile in old money) - 2K Split at 5:30 min/km (or 8:52 min/mile in old money) - 3K Split at 5:20 min/km (or 8:33 min/mile in old money) - 4K Split at 5:10 min/km (or 8:18 min/mile in old money) - 5K Split at 5:00 min/km (or 8:02 min/mile in old money)
  • Interval Training - Ah yes, saving the best for last! Intervals are the one session most runners hate to even think about, but they are a very necessary evil if you want to improve your pace. What our group do are called "Walk-back intervals". Basically, it involves marking out a set distance such as 100m or 200m, running the distance at 80% to flat out, and walking back, and repeating 8, 10, or 12 times. Walking back after each sprint allows time for recovery. This is one of the best sessions you can use to improve your pace, and your finishing kick.

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