All Up for Grabs in Portlaw

May 31, 2024

This evening, runners will gather for the much-anticipated Portlaw 5 Mile, a scenic race known for its breathtaking course and one of the fastest starts in the southeast. The race begins a mile outside of Portlaw, taking participants through countryside near the Curraghmore Estate, before looping back to the heart of Portlaw village.

The weather is set to be warm and sunny, perfect for the over 100 runners expected to compete. As it's the series finale, tonight's race promises intense competition, particularly in the overall standings for both men and women.

In the men's category, the overall prize is fiercely contested among three standout athletes: Pat Fitzgerald, Craig O'Brien, and Conor Cavanagh. Each has shown remarkable prowess throughout the series, and tonight's race will determine who claims the top spot.

The women's title race is equally thrilling, with Kealey Tideswell, Aisling English, and Sarah Mulcahy vying for the overall prize. These talented runners have demonstrated exceptional skill throughout, making for an exciting showdown this evening.

Following the race, the usual cash prizes will be awarded across all categories. The prize presentation will take place at the Forge Inn in Portlaw, a venue known for its welcoming outdoor area, perfect for post-race refreshments and celebration.

Whether you're a participant or a spectator, the Portlaw 5 Mile promises an evening of exhilarating competition. Good luck to all the runners!

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