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December 03, 2018

I hadn’t been to the gym and actually lift some metal in months. Decided to avoid the downpour in Galway on Sunday and do my long run on the treadmill...large mistake. 

After half an hour I was feeling physically fine but mentally beyond bored - after a lot of contemplating whether to stay on or off I said I’d do some weights. With no real plan I did an arms session...and actually really enjoyed it! Big up to those that run for longer than 30 minutes on a treadmill - even with music I could not hack it ?

I could have forced myself to finish my long run on the treadmill horrendously bored - but I didn’t. And you don’t have to “force” yourself either. No major fitness will be lost because of this change of plan and while my arms certainly don’t show it, I can assure you that they sure felt it this morning. ? ?‍♀️

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