Bweeng Community Sports & Recreational Facility: A Beacon of Opportunity for North Cork

April 05, 2024

In the village of Bweeng, nestled in North Cork, a vision is taking shape – one that promises to revolutionise sports training and recreational activities for the local community and beyond. The Bweeng Community Sports & Recreational Facility, born from a collective desire to provide accessible sporting infrastructure, is on the brink of realisation. However, to fully realise this dream, the project is in need of funding support.

The genesis of this undertaking traces back to March 2021, with the establishment of the Bweeng Trail Blazers juvenile club. Recognising the limitations posed by inclement weather and inadequate training facilities, a development committee was formed. Their journey took them across the country, studying various facilities and engaging with stakeholders. Finally, in March 2023, ground was broken for what promises to be a transformative addition to the community.

The facility is designed to cater to a diverse array of sporting interests, including sprint and long-distance running, high and long jump, shot and discus, and hurdles. Moreover, it emphasises inclusivity by ensuring full wheelchair accessibility. At its core lies a levelled playing field, adaptable for a multitude of sports, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and participation.

Phase 1 of the project, involving the extension of the existing tarred walkway with floodlighting and site levelling, has been successfully completed at a cost of €100,000. However, the subsequent phases, encompassing drainage, track surfacing, floodlighting, and the conversion to an AstroTurf surface, present formidable financial hurdles, necessitating an additional €1,100,000.

The rationale behind this endeavour is not solely about erecting a state-of-the-art facility; it's about democratising access to sports training and recreation. Presently, athletes in the North Cork area face significant barriers, often having to travel to urban centers for track facilities, incurring both financial and time costs. By providing a local, all-weather track, the Bweeng facility seeks to alleviate these burdens and cultivate a thriving sports culture within the community.

Importantly, the benefits extend beyond athletics. The facility's availability to local schools and clubs ensures that it becomes a hub for community engagement and development. With approximately 100 juveniles currently training at Bweeng's community grounds, the need for such amenities is palpable. While grateful for existing resources, the absence of an all-weather facility hampers training efforts, particularly during inclement weather.

Imagine the impact on these budding athletes, having the opportunity to hone their skills on a track, experiencing disciplines like high jump, long jump, shot put, discus, and hurdles firsthand. This exposure not only fosters athletic prowess but also instills values of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork – qualities essential for success both on and off the field.

The Bweeng Community Sports & Recreational Facility represents more than just a construction project; it's a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives. With the necessary funding, this endeavor has the potential to transform lives, empower youth, and strengthen the fabric of the local community. As supporters rally behind this noble cause, the vision of a vibrant, inclusive sporting haven in North Cork edges closer to reality.

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Featured Image: Current stage at night.

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