Garryduff Woods Launches Summer/Autumn Trail League

May 02, 2024

The IMRA Munster Coillte Summer/Autumn Trail League kicked off with a burst of energy and enthusiasm at Garryduff Woods in Rochestown last night. The event was not only a gathering of seasoned trail runners but also witnessed a significant turnout of newcomers, particularly children excitedly taking part in their first IMRA race.

The evening was a perfect blend of favourable weather and spirited competition, setting the stage for a thrilling league ahead. As the sun began its descent, the runners laced up and set off on the challenging yet scenic trails of Garryduff Woods.

In the competitive female category, Faye O’Riordan claimed the top spot, showcasing remarkable skill and determination throughout the race once again. Following closely behind were Anita Locke in second place and Aine O’Dea securing the third position, highlighting the impressive depth of talent among the female participants.

On the male side, Nick Hogan emerged as the victor, demonstrating exceptional speed and endurance on the demanding terrain. Kevin O’Brien and James Murphy delivered strong performances, finishing in second and third place, respectively, in a field of formidable competitors.

Much of the credit for the success of the event goes to Race Director Derek Walsh and his dedicated team of volunteers. Their meticulous planning and seamless execution ensured that the race ran smoothly, providing participants and spectators alike with an unforgettable experience to kickstart the league.

The atmosphere at Garryduff Woods was charged with excitement, reflecting the true spirit of trail and mountain running. It was not just a competition but a celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship, and the great outdoors.

With the first race of the Summer/Autumn Trail League setting such a high standard, anticipation is already building for the next challenge. Darby's Bed awaits the runners on May 29th, promising another exhilarating chapter in this thrilling series.

As the IMRA Munster Coillte Summer/Autumn Trail League gains momentum, it is clear that the passion for trail running continues to flourish, uniting runners of all ages and abilities in a shared love for adventure and competition.

Featured Image: Top Female Finishers by Graham Meikle

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