Gear Up for the Thrilling IMRA Seefin Challenge This Sunday

April 12, 2024

Mountain running enthusiasts and elite athletes alike are setting their sights on the trails of Seefin this coming Sunday, April 14, for the IMRA Seefin Challenge, a key event that doubles as a selection trial for the upcoming European Championships. Race Director Robbie Williams has shared exciting details about the event with Run Republic, emphasising its open invitation to runners of all levels, while also highlighting its critical role in shaping the future representatives of Ireland in international competition.

This Sunday's event offers two distinct race lengths to cater to different levels of endurance and competition. Participants can choose between doing two loops of the course or a shorter single-loop race. According to Williams, the race is designed to welcome everyone, from casual mountain runners looking for a new challenge to seasoned athletes aiming to secure a spot on the national team.

For elite runners, the stakes are high, as the Seefin Challenge serves as a trial to select top performers for the European Championships in Annecy this June. The Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) is seeking to form a robust team consisting of four men and four women in both junior (under 20) and senior (over 20) categories.

Adding to the weekend’s excitement, tonight, April 12, marks the uphill-only race, which is crucial for athletes focusing on the uphill component of mountain running. This 4km climb is not only a test of sheer power and endurance but also forms the uphill section of Sunday's 7km loop. Like Sunday’s longer challenge, this race is open to all, yet it also serves as a selection event for the European Uphill only Mountain Running Championships.

Following this action-packed weekend, the selection committee will deliberate based on performances across both races. 

Whether you're a veteran mountain runner or a newcomer eager to experience the thrill of mountain racing, the IMRA Seefin Challenge offers a unique opportunity to test your mettle against both the terrain and the clock. It’s not just a race; it’s a chance to be part of a larger community of runners, celebrating the spirit of mountain running with every step.

Featured Image: Valerie O'Sullivan

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