IMRA President Miriam Maher Outlines Vision and Goals for 2024

March 12, 2024

In a recent interview with Run Republic, Miriam Maher, the sitting President of the Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) Executive Committee, shared insights into the organisation's goals for the year 2024. Maher emphasised the importance of maintaining the high standards IMRA has set for over 40 years while incrementally enhancing initiatives in communications, accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability.

According to Maher, the primary focus for IMRA in 2024 is to continue delivering races with excellence. This involves ensuring that each race is executed seamlessly, with a constant focus on clarity, safety, and an enjoyable experience for participants. Maher highlighted a recent race that faced unexpected challenges due to adverse weather conditions but praised the positive feedback received for the efficient handling of the situation, showcasing IMRA's commitment to delivering races under various circumstances.

Maher expressed her commitment to maintaining the core offering of IMRA – delivering races – while also incrementally building on initiatives to enhance the overall experience. The sitting President emphasised the need to strike a balance between innovation and maintaining the quality of the organisation's core races. She acknowledged the significant effort from volunteers and stressed the importance of collectively doing what is feasible without compromising the excellence that IMRA is known for.

In addition to the core focus on race delivery, Maher highlighted the importance of building on initiatives such as stronger communications. IMRA aims to improve its accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability practices. Maher believes that it is crucial to continually assess and improve these aspects to ensure that IMRA's races are welcoming to a diverse range of participants while minimising the environmental impact.

Maher reflected on the uniqueness of IMRA's contribution to the racing community, noting that the organisation consistently delivers quality races every weekend throughout the racing season. This frequent schedule sets IMRA apart from other racing events that typically feature one or two major events per year. Maher expressed admiration for the remarkable achievements of the organisation and its ability to consistently pull off successful races.

As IMRA embarks on another year of mountain racing, President Miriam Maher's vision highlights a commitment to excellence in race delivery, a careful balance between innovation and quality, and a dedication to enhancing aspects like communication, accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability. The organisation's unique position in offering top level races every weekend across the country showcases the dedication of volunteers and the impressive capabilities of IMRA in consistently delivering successful events.

Featured Image: JP Treacy

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