Introducing Team Nüdest – where there’s a will there must be a way!

March 20, 2019

When Paddy asked me if we’d like to contribute to Run Republic I thought there must be some mistake! Yes, I’ve developed Nüdest pouches as a healthy slow release good energy snack for those who are active and busy but I couldn’t count myself as an elite athlete – not by any stretch. As I looked around the office, what struck me was our varying abilities and ambition for the sport, but what we had in common is that we all had our own goals we wanted to fulfil. 

So for the next weeks, we’re going to chart our efforts and progress here. I truly believe if something isn’t enjoyable you’re not going to stick at it so it will be interesting to see what works for each of us. This, then, is Team Nüdest.

Fiona (me) – I think of myself as healthy but running a thriving start-up I don’t carve out as much time to run as I should. When I do, I find the headspace so inspiring I often come up with new Nüdest blends and ideas then. What I’m going to do: Start a running schedule! My end goal: Run 10k in 50 minutes.

Roisin – Roisin is a busy Mum of two juggling work with running after energetic little boys. She says herself she hasn’t had a steady running habit since her youngest was born (he’s 4 so there’s no time to waste!) Roisin is planning to do the Park Run series, starting this week – we wish her luck!

David – David looks after our international business expansion from London so the challenges of running in a city that size are different. Time and opportunity can be difficult to find. He’s a keen cyclist and wants to use some running time to cross-train.

The other Fiona (not me!) – Fiona in fairness is hugely into fitness and nutrition. She’s going to help motivate and nourish the rest of us – lots of slow release energy, recovery food and Nüdest pre or post run – because they’re light, portable and a balanced blend of all natural whole fruit, grains and a touch of natural protein your body can digest it easily and it sustains you without the synthetic sugar crash of a standard energy drink, bar or gel. We have the food sorted, but stamina will be key!

John – John is a sea rowing man. Carrying a knee injury he chooses not to incorporate running in his weekly routine but will be out pounding the pavements in the fresh air nonetheless - so he will bring the walkers perspective to Run Republic.

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As for me, it’s time to step away from the laptop and start my plan. You’ll be able to follow all the team’s progress, false starts and small victories here on Run Republic. Nüdest pouches help you bring good energy with you everywhere. An easily digested, delicious and balanced blend of all-natural whole foods, they’re one of the healthiest and handiest ways to refuel on-the-go. Find them in select Dunnes, Supervalu & Centra today or online at

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