Introducing the latest member of Physio Corner - Elise Fleming!

January 02, 2024

Hello there, I'm Elise Fleming, the newest voice in the Physio Corner. I'm excited to spill the beans about who I am and why I'm diving into this amazing community.

I wear many hats, but my favourites are Chartered Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning coach. I’m all about preventing injuries and turning athletes into powerhouses.

Now, here's the twist – I'm also a bit of a tech nerd. The thought of using technology to help reduce injury and optimise athletic performance gets my heart racing. I'm on a mission to blend my background in physio and S&C with the latest in sports technology to make you all fitter, faster, and stronger.

Recently, I've traded in my gym rat status for that of a reformer pilates girly. The movement brings back memories of my dancing days and adds a fresh sprinkle of joy to my fitness routine. Brace yourselves, as I'm eager to take you along on my pilates escapades.

I have worked primarily in private practice, tending to patients with all sorts of pains, aches and injuries. When I'm not in the clinic, you'll find me pitch-side, rubbing shoulders with the Peamount United ladies, Cappataggle hurlers, and the jockeys at Horse Racing Ireland (yes, the jockeys, not the horses).

Now, don't let the field sports fool you. I'm no stranger to the world of running. I've danced to the highs and lows of running both as a physio and a runner. Whether you're taking your first steps or chasing a new personal best, I'm here to guide you through your running journey, sharing insights along the way.

With a mix of science, technology, and a sprinkle of pilates flair, the Physio Corner will be a vibrant space where learning meets fun and adventure. Get ready to sweat, smile, and stride towards your fitness best!

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