Michael Cornyn's Spectacular Double Gold Triumph at Balkan Masters Championships

May 16, 2024

Michael Cornyn made headlines with an outstanding performance at the Balkan Masters Championships held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in September 2022. This achievement came after a rollercoaster journey marked by highs and lows, showcasing his resilience and determination in the face of challenges. He spoke to Run Republic and shared all about the experience. 

Cornyn's journey to the Balkan Masters Championships began earlier in the year, with a notable silver win at the USA Masters Indoors in New York. Following this success, his focus shifted to the World Masters Outdoor Championships in Tampere, Finland, scheduled for July. Despite encountering a minor setback due to a calf niggle before the World Masters Outdoor Championships, Cornyn pushed through to secure a spot in the highly competitive 800m final. However, he made a tough decision to withdraw from the final race after 100m to avoid aggravating the injury, guided by the advice of his physiotherapist Ian Egan.

After undergoing rehabilitation and maintaining his training regimen, Cornyn set his sights on the Balkan Masters Championships in Greece. Despite initial challenges with entry deadlines and travel arrangements, he persevered and secured participation in the 800m and 400m events.

The stage was set in Thessaloniki as Cornyn geared up for the 800m race on a Friday evening. Competing against a field of roughly 15 athletes spanning different ages, Cornyn displayed strategic prowess, pacing himself through the race and making a decisive move in the final stretch. With a powerful sprint, he clinched the gold medal with an impressive margin, one of his personal Masters bests.

Buoyed by his victory in the 800m, Cornyn remained focused on achieving a double gold triumph. The following day, he tackled the 400m event with determination, facing a challenging lane change before the race but undeterred in his pursuit. Despite starting in lane 1, considered difficult for victory, Cornyn showcased his tactical skills, gradually gaining ground and ultimately seizing the lead to claim his second gold medal of the championships.

Reflecting on his journey, Cornyn expressed gratitude for the warm welcome received from both the Greek hosts and fellow athletes from Balkan countries. His double gold success served as a testament to his perseverance, overcoming obstacles including injuries and disruptions caused by the global pandemic.

Cornyn's remarkable achievement at the Balkan Masters Championships not only added glittering accolades to his career but also inspired fellow athletes with his tenacity and sportsmanship. As the first-ever Irish athlete to compete at the event, Cornyn's triumph resonated as a testament to the spirit of determination and resilience in the world of Masters athletics.

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