Nutriband Inc. Teams Up With KT Tape: A New Era for Kinesiology Tape

November 08, 2023

In a move that marks a significant leap in sports medicine, Nutriband Inc. has just signed a supplier agreement with KT Tape, the foremost name in kinesiology tape. This partnership is not just a business transaction; it's a signal that innovation in athletic aids and injury prevention is about to take another giant stride forward.

Nutriband Inc., a company already at the forefront of transdermal pharmaceutical products, is known for its groundbreaking AVERSA® technology. The technology is designed to tackle a severe crisis in the world of medicine: opioid abuse. With such an impressive portfolio, Nutriband's entry into the sports arena through this agreement indicates a commitment to applying their high standards and innovative spirit to the athletic world.

KT Tape has been synonymous with high performance and reliability among athletes and fitness aficionados. From weekend warriors to professional sports figures, the elastic therapeutic tape has been a go-to for drug-free pain relief and support. The tape's popularity is evident in its availability in over 40,000 stores worldwide and its widespread use by numerous major sports franchises.

So, what does this partnership mean for the running community?

Enhanced Performance and Recovery: The focus will be on developing products that help athletes perform at their peak while ensuring faster recovery from injuries. This means that runners can look forward to not only improved preventive measures against common running injuries but also potentially more effective recovery aids that adhere to the rigorous standards of transdermal technology.

A Commitment to Drug-Free Pain Relief: Nutriband's ethos in creating abuse-deterrent pharmaceutical solutions aligns with the drug-free pain relief that KT Tape offers. This synergy hints at a commitment to safe, non-pharmacological solutions to pain and injury for athletes, which is vital in a world where the conversation around drug abuse in athletics is ongoing.

Broader Accessibility: With the manufacturing power of Nutriband's Active Intelligence, there could be an increase in production and, possibly, new lines of KT Tape becoming more readily available to the global market, benefiting runners everywhere.

Nutriband's CEO, Gareth Sheridan, believes that this agreement is an opportunity to showcase their development and manufacturing prowess alongside a global brand. For the running community, it's not just about a new product; it's about the promise of enhanced safety, improved performance, and continued innovation.

As runners lace up their shoes and secure their KT Tape, they can anticipate a future where their trusty roll of tape is not just an accessory but an ally, backed by the expertise of a company deeply entrenched in medical technology. Keep an eye on the track and in the stores; the next generation of KT Tape is on the horizon, courtesy of a partnership that's set to stick.

Visit Run Republic for updates on this exciting development and everything running-related. Stay tuned; the future is just a stride away.

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