Recipe - Protein Cheese Cake

December 01, 2018

Recipe brought to you by Kinetica Sports 



3 Tbsp oat flour (just blitz normal oats in a blender!!)

1 scoop of kinetica vanilla whey or kinetica chocolate whey

2 Tbsp coconut Flour

1 Tbsp Coco powder

6 Tbsp ground hazelnuts

Approx 4Tbsp Hazelnut Milk

(enough to make it like a normal cheesecake base)


250g ricotta cheese

300g low fat cottage cheese

1 Tbsp of coco powder

2 Tbsp peanut butter

1 sachet gelatine (dissolved)

2 egg whites & 2 Tbsp canderal whisked until fluffy (optional)

2 scoops kinetica vanilla whey or kinetica chocolate whey


Add all base ingredients  together and add enough milk to hold the mixture together and pop into a spring-form cake tin (non-stick!).  Press down on the base mixture to make sure its binded together

pop into oven at about 180 for about 10-12 mins until crispy.  Take out and let it cool


Add all the filling ingredients together (except for the gelatine) and give them a good mix to combine all ingredients.  If your using the egg whites add them now just fold them in gently, then pour in the gelatine and give it a stir .  Pour the filling onto the base and give it a few taps to even the mixture out .  Whack it into fridge for a few hrs or over night to set

Add chopped hazelnuts on top before serving just to make it look even more Delish!!!!

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