REVIEW: BackBaller Foam Roller

January 09, 2019

Last March, we had the pleasure of meeting Noel from BackBaller at Outdoor Revolution in Dublin's RDS. As runners ourselves, we're no stranger to foam rollers, tennis balls, sliotars, and just about anything that will help our muscles post run. Seeing BackBaller's stand, we had to go over and find out what this was about.

Since then, we've been using our BackBaller after most hard sessions. It does take a bit of getting used to, as instead of the foam roller moving with your body, BackBaller remains in situ. Noel went through the exercises when we got the unit, however, there were plenty of video's online, as well as a handy insert to make sure we were doing the exercise right.

Personally speaking, I have to say I found this great for my lower back, glutes, quads, and calves. I know it has way more benefit than those muscle groups, but those are the areas where I tend to suffer a bit after a long run.

I'm back in proper training for 3 marathons this year. These niggles would have been something which would have made me defer a run previously, but BackBaller has really helped to loosen up my legs, and lets me increase my pace, and milage.

One question many of you will have will no doubt be, why should I get a BackBaller, I already have a foam roller? It's a valid question to be fair, but what BackBaller offers is more control over what it is you do, and where you get to tackle. The fact the rollers are in situ means you get to really focus on an area.

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