Taking in some slow miles

January 04, 2019

There are days when heading out for a run isn't top of the agenda. I would gladly have sat in, and enjoyed a few beers or a bottle of wine, and taken the night off. Even on nights like this, running as little as one mile (1.6K in new money) is still a great run. 

Today is essentially one of my rest days. Rest days can be just as important as training. Your body can only do so much running, as your muscles need time to repair and recover. If you're starting #Runathon, and are only just getting back into running, you should be taking two or 3 days off where you might go for a long walk rather than a run. Trying to run every day at a medium to high intensity isn't sustainable, even for olympians.

In Sunday's article, I will speak about the importance of rest days, and the science behind them.

As the rest of the club are taking today as a rest day, my 5.5K slow run was done on my own, hence the Black Keys - Lonely Boy being today's song of choice. Running on your own is great for clearing the head, and getting some perspective on the day. Or if you're one of those soul's who loves an early morning run, you can get your mind focused for the day ahead.

Just 4 days into January, and getting into gear again! Tomorrow morning, I'll head for Parkrun. I won't be aiming for a record time, but just to continue the beat and progress of the year so far. If you're running Parkrun tomorrow, enjoy the day. Never be afraid to volunteer!!

Happy running folks!


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