The Dromiskin 5K: More Than Just a Race

August 29, 2023

In the quiet village of Dromiskin, County Louth, something special is brewing. As the summer sun begins to set on a Saturday evening in September, hundreds of athletes and fun runners gather, bringing with them an energetic atmosphere and unyielding spirit. The Dromiskin 5K is back in action, and its return promises an experience that's not just about running—it's about community.


I had the pleasure of speaking with Simon Allen of St Peter's AC about the upcoming edition of the Dromiskin 5K. His enthusiasm for the race was clear as he delved into the details that set this event apart.

  1. A Collaborative Affair: "The Dromiskin 5K is a great example of collaborations in sport," Simon begins, highlighting the community-driven essence of the event. Hosted by St Peter's AC and the local GAA Club, St Josephs GFC, the race epitomizes the spirit of unity, bringing together two major sports clubs in Dromiskin.
  2. The Course: Boasting a "really fast course," the Dromiskin 5K offers a unique blend of challenge and charm. Though the road remains open, it's "as good as closed," thanks to the numerous marshals ensuring the runners' safety.
  3. A Race for Everyone: From elite athletes gunning for victory to fun runners chasing personal bests or simply soaking in the experience, the Dromiskin 5K welcomes all. And the community is right there, cheering them on every step of the way.
  4. Incredible Value: At just €15 for race entry, participants not only get to partake in one of Ireland's finest races but also receive a top-quality t-shirt. And as they cross the finish line? Refreshments await, along with an array of baked goodies from the local bake-off competition.
  5. Pacers On Deck: Whether you're eyeing a sub-20, 25, or 30-minute finish, the Dromiskin 5K has you covered with a team of experienced pacers. Their mission? To guide you to your desired time on the flat, runner-friendly course.
  6. Strategic Location: Situated conveniently off Exits 15 and 16 of the motorway, the Dromiskin 5K is easily accessible, making it an ideal race destination for people from Drogheda, Dundalk, Dublin, and beyond.
  7. The Spirit of Dromiskin: At its core, the Dromiskin 5K is a "real community event," as Simon passionately points out. Quiet country roads, supportive locals, and the overarching theme of unity make it more than just a race—it's a celebration.

While Simon admits his bias, considering the Dromiskin 5K as one of the best races around, his conviction is hard to contest. With top-tier athletes, enthusiastic locals, and a heartwarming sense of community, the Dromiskin 5K truly is a jewel in the crown of Irish road races.

So, lace up those running shoes, mark your calendar for 7 PM on Saturday, 9th September, and be part of the magic that is the Dromiskin 5K. Whether you're running, cheering, or simply relishing the baked delights, it promises an evening to remember.

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