The Finish Line meets Michelle Finn

January 28, 2019

This week, the team here at reached out to some of the runners on social media. We follow a whole host of great runners as well as up and coming athletes. We will showcasing these runners in the weeks to come! 

This week, we chat with Michelle Finn. Michelle is the 6th runner in our weekly series of “The Finish Line” where we talk to club runners around the country. The goal of the series is to highlight the achievements of runners of all abilities around Ireland.


Michelle Finn


Leevale AC

Favourite Event

3k Steeplechase

Running Level


How did your athletics journey begin?

Both of my parents ran so I have kindof been running for as long as I can remember! I played loads of other sports too though – football, soccer, camogie & gymnastics – and probably started taking athletics more seriously when I went to America on a scholarship.

What were the early challenges you faced? How did you over come them?

I didn’t really take athletics that seriously when I was younger so didn’t have too many early challenges! The hardest part for me was coming home from America after being away for 5years and trying to find a good set-up here…I lived in the countryside and moved home with no money, no job, no car or way of getting around and most of my friends had moved away!?

Do you use data for training? What wearable tech do you use?

Mostly just a watch! It does have GPS though & recently got a heart rate monitor but just use it once a wk for threshold stuff!

What have been your biggest achievements to date? What are some of your PB’s?

Rio 2016 Olympics, 7th at European Champs in Amsterdam 2016 & have 2 European cross country team medals?

What is your current goal?

Tokyo 2020! & hope to qualify for world champs in Doha this year too…

What would you do differently if you had to start again?


What’s the next event you've planned?

European Clubs Country on the 3rd of February

What advice would you give the readers of Run Republic?

Enjoy it, you’ll run faster when you’re happier! ?

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite song?

Changes with my mood!

What is your favourite movie?

When Harry met Sally

What is your favourite TV Show?

Don't watch much tv, but maybe Suits or The Sinner on Netflix!

What is your favourite food?


Who is your sporting idol?

Probably answer this differently every time (there are so many!) but I'm going to say my two steeple buddies Kerry O Flaherty & Sara Treacy this time!?

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not training?

These days, reading! Or just general gallivanting!!!!

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