The Importance of Not being Idle

January 02, 2019

Today is day two of #Runathon and day 2 of 2019. Can't exactly get give up after one day now can we!! Yesterday was my first day back after a while, so the legs were a little bit on the sore side this morning. Nevertheless, we can't sit inside an wait for results, we have to go out there and get them. 

Importance of Not being Idle

This evening at 7PM, I was out with the Busrun group for Interval training. No one likes intervals, they can't... After an extensive warmup, we started a set of 12 x 200m repeats with a 5M incline. God... sounds very technical when you write it like that, basically, all that means is we measured out 200m on a small bit of a hill. The height from the bottom to the top is 5M, and we ran up and down 12 times. See, running can seem technical when you use certain jargon, but its all very basic and simple at the end of the day.

A mate of my, Maurice, had a good saying mid interval. We are all accustomed to saying "No pain, no gain", another way of looking at it is simply "No pain, weight gain". Basically, instead of looking at the positive of the gain, we have to look at the result of the status quo, of being idle; we move backwards, we gain weight, and suffer the consequences of that. Being active, walking or running, keeps us where we are. We might night be gaining, but we're not loosing ground either.

Today's run, was enjoyable, even the last rep (repetition or leg of the 12 intervals) where it was flat out was enjoyable. While still early days of 2019, work still has to be done to be ready for the ultimate goal of the Berlin Marathon in September.

Until tomorrow!!

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