The Next Generation - Freya Renton

April 12, 2024

At just 14 years old, Freya Renton is already making waves in the scene of middle-distance running and cross-country. Born on March 30, 2010, this young athlete from Westport A.C. has shown remarkable talent and determination, setting records and achieving numerous accolades in her burgeoning career. After covering her twin sister Holly in yesterday's Next Generation piece, today we shine the spotlight on Freya.

In 2023, Freya's track record was nothing short of extraordinary. She clinched gold medals in the Under 14 800m and 1500m events at the Mayo and Connacht Championships, as well as gold at the All Ireland Championships, even breaking the national record in both disciplines. Her times of 2’15.97 (indoor) and 4’29.07 in the 800m and 1500m, respectively, showcased her exceptional speed and endurance.

Not stopping there, Freya also secured silver in the Schools 800m Outdoors, adding to her already impressive medal haul. Her dominance on the track was evident.

Freya's prowess extended beyond track events into cross-country races. She swept the Mayo, Connacht, All Ireland Under 14 and Under 15 Cross-Country Championships, along with the Minor Girls Schools Cross-Country Championships. Her consistent victories highlighted her versatility and strength across different disciplines and distances.

Her seven consecutive All Ireland Cross-Country titles, starting from her debut at just 9 years old, underscore her talent and dedication to the sport.

In 2024, Freya has continued her upward trajectory. She secured gold once again in the Under 15 800m Indoors, breaking records with a time of 2’12.12. Her superiority in track events remained unrivalled, setting her sights on further achievements in the outdoor season.

Cross-country also remained a stronghold for Freya, winning gold in the Junior Girls Cross-Country Championships and showcasing her skills on an international stage by triumphing in the Schools International Athletics Board (SIAB) Championships against top competitors from England, Scotland, and Wales.

Freya's ambitions for 2024 are as lofty as her past achievements. She aims to claim national titles in the outdoor 800m and 1500m events while aiming to break national records once again. Her sights are also set on the SIABs and the AAA Track and Field Championships, where she hopes to represent Ireland with pride and secure more victories.

Despite her numerous accolades, perhaps Freya's gold medal in the Schools International Athletics Board Championships would be her proudest moment to date, contributing to Ireland's team Silver. Looking ahead, she remains focused on her goals of continuous improvement, aiming to win the under 15 and under 16 All Ireland Cross-Country Championships and cement her status as a rising star in Irish athletics. 

With each stride and victory, Freya is paving the way for a promising future in the world of track and field.

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