The Next Generation - Tara O'Connor

February 13, 2024

This Next Generation feature is all about rising star Tara O'Connor, a 16-year-old athlete hailing from Dundalk St. Gerards. Tara's journey in the world of track and field, particularly in High Jump and Combined Events, has already left a mark, setting the stage for another great year ahead.

Tara's athletic journey is guided and nurtured by coach Jean McArdle and her father and coach Packie O'Connor. 

2023 saw Tara turn in commendable performances both provincially and internationally. At the All-Ireland Indoor U17 Championship, she bagged the silver medal in High Jump. Tara also triumphed in the All-Ireland Schools Intermediate in High Jump and the Leinster Junior High Jump, displaying her versatility across different categories.

Representing Ireland at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Slovenia, Tara gained invaluable experience and despite not securing a medal, this experience will stand to the budding star. Back on the home front, she claimed gold in the All-Ireland Youth Women's Pentathlon and bronze in the All-Ireland Schools Intermediate Pentathlon. Additionally, Tara finished 4th in the International Schools Combined Event in Cardiff.

Recognizing her outstanding achievements, Tara was honored with the Louth Star Award in 2023, a testament to her impact. Adding to her accolades, she received the Breda Synott Award in the same year, further solidifying her status as a standout athlete.

This year has already seen great success for the Louth athlete. At the All-Ireland Indoor U20 Championship, Tara clinched the silver medal in High Jump, a testament to her growing proficiency in the discipline. Not stopping there, she secured gold in the Youth Women's Pentathlon, achieving the European U18 standard in High Jump during the event.

Looking ahead, Tara O'Connor is not resting on her laurels. Her ambitions for the remainder of 2024 include continuous improvement in High Jump, with a keen eye on making the Irish team for the U18 Europeans. She also expresses a desire to pursue Combined Events, with the anticipation of exploring new heights in her athletic journey. Staying fit and healthy remains a fundamental goal, underscoring her commitment to a well-rounded approach to her sporting career.

Tara O'Connor's achievements at such a young age and her dedication to constant improvement mark her as a notable figure in the next generation of Irish athletes. As she continues to ascend in the world of track and field, Run Republic eagerly await the unfolding chapters of Tara's promising career

Featured Image: Courtesy of Packie O'Connor.

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