10 Aug 2024


Countdown to race day!

The LOS event will start at 12 noon. Runners have 1 hour to finish the 4.2 mile route before lining up and going again on the hour every hour. This will happen every hour until there is only one runner left. This runner is the last one standing the winner.

This event is on a 4.2 mile route around the paths and forests of Florence court.
Flat at the start then a climb up through the tree's to the half way point then down hill the whole way to the finish.

All the usual rules for a Backyard event apply.
You have 1 hour to complete the lap. The race starts on the hour every hour. If you don't finish inside the hour you're out. Only fully finished laps count.
No pacers allowed, only those in the event can pace each other.

Everyone gets a medal, the only winner is the Last One Standing.
Everyone will receive an event t-shirt.

Any runner getting 100 miles will join the Atlas Running 100 mile club.

This event will take place at Florence Court.

Enter the Last One Standing Florence Court - All Ireland Back Yard Championship

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