A little story all about how the digestive system works!

September 17, 2022

By Leah Bryan, Pelvic Floor Specialist

A little story all about how the digestive system works! I use this story almost every day in clinic with patients of all ages and life stages!

“The gut loves routine” is another of my fave quotes - if we feed our body at regular, predictable times, we will have regular, predictable poops!

For those of you who suffer with IBS and go from one extreme to another you’ll know what a luxury it is to have a healthy bowel habit!

Other things, such as stress, certain foods, lack of exercise or a tummy bug can change the speed of the machine and effect the speed at which the winnings shoot out’ if you get me 🙀

Rule number one for good bowel health - have a substantial breakfast - feed your machine well early in the day and you will stimulate a really good win! And timing is important - you need to make sure you are near the bathroom when the ‘winnings land ’ (ie the poo moves into your rectum) so that you can empty the tray - it’s pretty silly to leave your winnings just sitting there isn’t it?? That makes it much more of a difficult job to empty it- ie larger, harder, painful to pass stool.

To summarise , feed the machine and try to empty your winnings as soon as you can. 💩 So satisfying. 💩

If you need help with bowel or bladder health get in touch. I have been working with and helping patients with their pelvic floor and digestive health for almost 20 years now so please know you are not alone if you are struggling, I can help. 👩‍🦰


Leah Bryans Physiotherapy, we are a team of pelvic health physiotherapists specially trained to assess and treat a wide range of pelvic floor problems in women, men and children such as incontinence, organ prolapse, painful sexual intercourse, bedwetting and pelvic pain. Pelvic floor rehabilitation or re-education is not only about pelvic floor exercises. After a thorough assessment, we can work with you to create a treatment plan which will target your current problem and underlying causes, leading to a healthier and fuller life – giving you the time and control to enjoy the things you love!

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