Always make an effort

January 01, 2017

Today, I went back down to Tipperary to see my family. Leaving home early, I knew finding time for a run would be hard, and finding excuses not to run would be extremely easy.

On getting back from Tipp, we sat down for a cup of tea. It was dark cold and wet outside. I kept putting off the idea of a run, why would I bother to put myself through it.

Today being the 1st of January, I decided if I was to run, I should have a goal at the end of it. I wanted each run to count towards a greater goal. With that, I entered the Raheny 5 mile, a race at the end of January. I have run it the past 3 years and this would be the best way to carry on a tradition.

Still being stiff from yesterday, I brought my dog, Cleo and set out. Even if it was only 500 meters, I had to do something. Once outside, the conditions were actually perfect. The roads were abandoned. While still aching, I enjoyed every minute.

Ultimately, we didn't go far, just 2.5k, but it was an important run. Sometimes we will be sitting on a couch, warm and in front of a TV. The thought of heading out for even a brief run is too much. The feeling of satisfaction once you come back is worth it!!

2.5k in just 13.27. The road back into fitness isn't instant, hard work needs to be put in!! 

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