Bweeng Community Rallies to Secure Funding for All-Weather Sports Facility

June 27, 2024

Run Republic recently caught up with the Bweeng Committee to get an update on the development of the Bweeng Community Sports & Recreation Facility. This state-of-the-art venue is designed to cater to a wide range of athletic interests, including sprint and long-distance running, high and long jump, shot put, discus, and hurdles. Importantly, it will be wheelchair accessible and feature a level, well-drained playing field at its centre, suitable for all sporting disciplines. The facility will be available for use by all sporting clubs in the wider North Cork region.

Phase 1 of the project, completed in 2023, saw the extension of the existing tarred walkway and the levelling of the facility site. Recently, Phase 2 has progressed through the public e-tendering stage. This phase involves critical construction tasks such as site drainage and the installation of floodlights.

The committee overseeing the project has set 2024 as a pivotal year for fundraising and community involvement. Recognising the substantial costs associated with creating such a facility, the committee is exploring every possible avenue to generate funds. They are committed to active participation and hard work, rather than merely waiting for grants.

The fundraising kicked off on January 1st with a bucket collection at the Bweeng IMRA race. Since then, the committee has introduced a five-year billboard rental proposal to local businesses, which has already seen significant support. The committee is deeply appreciative of the businesses that have come on board and remains open to further interest.

On March 2nd, a coffee morning was held at the Bweeng Community Centre in partnership with local preschools, Playdays and Kids Korner. As part of this event, 39 birdhouses—one for each pupil—were crafted by the committee, with each child’s name engraved on a plaque. The children painted their birdhouses, which were then installed on the trees bordering the facility.

The annual Bweeng 5K road race on May 12th was another major success, with all proceeds going towards the facility. The event saw 342 runners participate, and the village was filled with flags and bunting creating an atmosphere that the facility aims to generate regularly upon completion.

A GoFundMe page was launched at the end of March and continues to attract donations. Additionally, on June 15th, a community car wash fundraiser was held at Bweeng Church carpark, supported by the Bweeng Trail Blazers juvenile and senior club. The event featured face painting, tea, coffee, and treats, with the juveniles working tirelessly to ensure its success.

Looking ahead, the annual Bweeng Open Sports will take place on Friday, July 26th, from 6pm in the community field (Eircode P51KD5C). The evening promises a full schedule of sprints and long-distance races, with top prizes available. The coveted John Corbett and John Callery perpetual cups will be awarded to the winners of the half and mile races. This year, a new addition, the Dan Healy perpetual cup, sponsored by Engtech Engineering in Mallow, will be presented to the winning team of the mixed 4 x 300 metre relay.

Further fundraising events are planned for September, with details to be advertised on the Bweeng Community Sports Facility Fundraising site. While substantial grant aid will be necessary to complete this project, the Bweeng Committee remains undeterred, demonstrating an incredible willingness to do their part in making this facility a reality for all to enjoy.

Stay tuned to Run Republic for more updates as the Bweeng Community Sports & Recreational Facility continues to develop, bringing exciting new opportunities for sports and recreation to the North Cork region.

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