Confirmed Track Finalists for Day 2 So Far! See Full Schedule

June 30, 2024

The Irish Track and Field Championships are well underway, and Day 2 promises to host a day of hugely exciting track finals. While the senior men's and women's 100m event finals are still to be determined as their heats only take place this morning, most of the finals have been set with athletes booking their places on a wet and miserable Day 1. 

Below are the details for each confirmed final, including the scheduled times, the athletes competing, the clubs they represent, their personal bests (PBs), their heat times from yesterday's heats, and the record holders for each event.

🏁 Senior Men's 400m Hurdles Final
Scheduled: 13:05

📋 Records:
🏆 National Record: 47.97 - Thomas Barr (2016)
🏆 Championship Record: 49.56 - Thomas Barr (2018)

Thomas Barr, the national record holder, remains the favorite in the Senior Men's 400m Hurdles. Barr's heat time of 49.60 seconds shows he is in strong form, and he is expected to dominate the final. Close contenders include Fintan Dewhirst and David Davitt, both of whom posted competitive times in the heats. Barr is aiming to go sub 48.70 to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics. His consistency and experience make him the top pick for the gold, with Dewhirst and Davitt likely battling for the remaining podium spots.

🏅 Lane👤 Name🏢 Club⏱️ PB⏱️ Heat Time
1Eoghan MAC MUIRISDundrum South Dublin A.C.55.1856.93
2Caelan CAMPBELLBallymena and Antrim A.C.59.081:00.21
3Adam COURTNEYBallymena and Antrim A.C.53.7555.81
4David DAVITTClonliffe Harriers A.C.52.9452.58
5Thomas BARRFerrybank A.C.47.9749.60
6Fintan DEWHIRSTTír Chonaill A.C.51.1952.57
7Ethan DEWHIRSTTír Chonaill A.C.53.8254.38
8Alex CULLENKilkenny City Harriers A.C.54.1854.69

🏁 Senior Women's 800m Final
Scheduled: 13:15

📋 Records:
🏆 National Record: 1:58.51 - Ciara Mageean (2024)
🏆 Championship Record: 2:02.08 - Aisling Molloy (1991)

With Ciara Mageean focusing on her preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the field is wide open. Sarah Healy had the fastest heat time of 2:04.28 and is the favourite to win. Maeve O`Neill and Iseult O'Donnell, with heat times of 2:10.13 and 2:10.26, respectively, are expected to be in the mix for podium positions.

🏅 Order👤 Name🏢 Club⏱️ PB⏱️ Heat Time
1Lucy HOLMESWest Waterford A.C.2:06.602:09.80
2Saoirse FITZGERALDLucan Harriers A.C.2:06.602:10.47
3Jenna BROMELLEmerald A.C.2:01.602:09.92
4Sarah HEALYU.C.D. A.C.2:00.902:04.28
5Louise SHANAHANLeevale A.C.1:59.402:09.65
6Maeve O`NEILLDoheny A.C.2:04.402:10.13
7Charlotte MYERSCrusaders A.C.2:05.802:11.13
8Iseult O DONNELLRaheny Shamrock A.C.2:06.202:10.26
9Zoie RICHIERathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C.2:09.102:11.09
10Sarah LANENenagh Olympic A.C.2:09.302:10.97

🏁 Senior Men's 800m Final
Scheduled: 1.25PM

📋 Records:
🏆 National Record: 1:44.53 - Mark English (2024)
🏆 Championship Record: 1:46.68 - James Nolan (1999)

Mark English, the Paris bound national record holder, is the favourite after posting a solid heat time of 1:51.90. He is expected to face some competition from Jake Bagge and Oisin Lynch, who also had impressive heat times. English’s experience and previous record make him the top contender for the gold, with Bagge and Lynch vying for silver and bronze.

🏅 Order👤 Name🏢 Club⏱️ PB⏱️ Heat Time
1Peter KILGANNONRatoath A.C.1:49.701:52.98
2Eoin QUINNMullingar Harriers A.C.1:49.401:52.51
3Robert HEWISONKildare A.C.1:48.201:52.39
4Mark ENGLISHFinn Valley A.C.1:44.501:51.90
5Louis O LOUGHLINDonore Harriers1:48.001:52.44
6Jake BAGGEFerrybank A.C.1:48.901:52.47
7Cillian KIRWANRaheny Shamrock A.C.1:45.801:52.76
8Dara DONOGHUELucan Harriers A.C.1:49.001:52.20
9Nathan SHEEHY CREMINEmerald A.C.1:50.301:52.48
10Oisin LYNCHKillarney Valley A.C.1:50.601:52.68
11Patrick SHERIDANNewcastle and District A.C.1:53.201:52.67

🏁 Senior Women's 400m Final
Scheduled: 1.55PM

📋 Records:
🏆 National Record: 49.07 - Rhasidat Adeleke (2024)
🏆 Championship Record: 51.28 - Joanne Cuddihy (2006)

The Senior Women's 400m Sprint will be a closely contested race. National record holder Rhasidat Adeleke is not competing, opening the field for other athletes. Sophie Becker posted an impressive heat time of 53.56 seconds and is the front-runner for the gold. Kelly Mc Grory and Rachel McCann, with heat times of 53.96 and 54.31 seconds respectively, are also strong contenders for the podium. Becker is aiming for a huge performance to boost her ranking and qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

🏅 Lane👤 Name🏢 Club⏱️ PB⏱️ Heat Time
1Lauren MCCOURTBandon A.C.54.5254.73
2Sinead TREACYCraughwell A.C.55.0355.50
3Cliodhna MANNINGKilkenny City Harriers A.C.52.6054.92
4Sophie BECKERRaheny Shamrock A.C.51.1353.56
5Rachel MCCANNNorth Down A.C.54.0154.31
6Kelly MC GRORYTír Chonaill A.C.52.6253.96
7Lauren CADDENSligo A.C.52.8753.63
8Kate O`CONNELLLucan Harriers A.C.54.6655.29

🏁 Senior Men's 400m Final
Scheduled: 2.05PM

📋 Records:
🏆 National Record: 44.77 - David Gillick (2009)
🏆 Championship Record: 45.58 - Paul McKee (2002)

The Senior Men's 400m Sprint will be highly competitive. Christopher O'Donnell, who was part of the Ireland team that won the 4x400m mixed relay gold medal in Rome, had the fastest heat time and is the clear favourite. Brandon Arrey and Eoin Kenny also performed well in the heats and are strong contenders for the podium.

🏅 Lane👤 Name🏢 Club⏱️ PB⏱️ Heat Time
1Eoin KENNYWaterford A.C.47.3148.01
2Brandon ARREYRaheny Shamrock A.C.47.0547.66
3Christopher O`DONNELLNorth Sligo A.C.45.2647.97
4Cillin GREENEGalway City Harriers A.C.46.1847.47
5David RYANMoycarkey Coolcroo A.C.47.0547.15
6Jack RAFTERYDonore Harriers45.8947.32
7Callum BAIRDBallymena and Antrim A.C.46.1947.50
8Joe DOODYCabinteely A.C.46.8547.28

🏁 Senior Women's 1500m Final
Scheduled: 2.15PM

📋 Records:
🏆 National Record: 3:55.87 - Ciara Mageean (2023)
🏆 Championship Record: 4:07.09 - Sonia O'Sullivan (1995)

With Ciara Mageean not competing, Sophie O'Sullivan, daughter of legendary runner Sonia O'Sullivan, leads the field with the fastest heat time of 4:26.21. Holly Carroll and Emily Bolton, with heat times of 4:28.31 and 4:28.74, respectively, are also expected to perform well. O'Sullivan is the heavy favourite for the 1st place, with Carroll and Bolton likely completing the podium.

🏅 Order👤 Name🏢 Club⏱️ PB⏱️ Heat Time
1Emily BOLTONDonore Harriers4:24.304:28.74
2Carla SWEENEYRathfarnham W.S.A.F. A.C.4:15.004:32.41
3Madison MOONEYTullamore Harriers A.C.4:12.804:32.31
4Fiona MCKENNAU.C.D. A.C.4:37.454:38.80
5Amy O DONOGHUEDundrum South Dublin A.C.4:16.604:37.51
6Holly CARROLLBlarney/Inniscara A.C.4:26.704:28.31
7Kate NURSEU.C.D. A.C.4:31.604:38.02
8Georgie HARTIGANDundrum South Dublin A.C.4:09.904:35.94
9Ellie HARTNETTU.C.D. A.C.4:19.104:32.29
10Rebecca ROSSITERCNDR Track A.C.4:25.904:33.49
11Sophie O`SULLIVANBallymore Cobh A.C.4:02.104:26.21
12Anika THOMPSONLeevale A.C.4:39.704:29.34
13Maisy O`SULLIVANSt. Abbans A.C.4:15.854:29.75

🏁 Senior Men's 1500m Final
Scheduled: 2.25PM

📋 Records:
🏆 National Record: 3:30.42 - Andrew Coscoran (2023)
🏆 Championship Record: 3:38.60 - Eamonn Coghlan (1981)

The Senior Men's 1500m promises to be a thrilling race. Andrew Coscoran, Ireland's number one ranked athlete and national record holder, will be competing in the distance at the Paris 2024 Olympics but is not participating in this event. This opens up the competition for others. Luke McCann, ranked number two in Ireland, has also qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics and boasts a comfortable Olympic quota ranking is the likely favourite. Cathal Doyle, who is ranked third in Ireland and currently 43rd out of 45 in the Olympic quota ranking, will be aiming for a very strong performance to secure his ticket to Paris. Darragh Mc Elhinney had the fastest heat time of 3:53.45, could potentially be a strong contender also.

🏅 Order👤 Name🏢 Club⏱️ PB⏱️ Heat Time
1Philip MARRONDublin City Harriers A.C.3:44.003:57.01
2Cathal O REILLYKilkenny City Harriers A.C.3:45.703:59.96
3Cormac DIXONTallaght A.C.3:47.703:57.50
4Charlie O DONOVANLeevale A.C.3:38.103:54.28
5Luke MC CANNU.C.D. A.C.3:33.703:56.03
6Shane BRACKENSwinford A.C.3:37.903:53.46
7Callum MORGANCNDR Track A.C.3:42.904:00.24
8Brhane GEBREBRHANAnnadale Striders3:43.803:54.85
9Sean DONOGHUEDublin City Harriers A.C.3:41.003:54.57
10Colin P SMITHMullingar Harriers A.C.3:48.104:00.62
11Cathal DOYLEClonliffe Harriers A.C.3:34.104:00.34
12Darragh MC ELHINNEYBantry A.C.3:37.703:53.45
13Lughaidh MALLONLagan Valley A.C.3:44.303:57.02
14Cian O`BOYLEEnnis Track A.C.3:56.003:54.04
15Mark HANRAHANEnnis Track A.C.3:46.303:53.68
16James DUNNETullamore Harriers A.C.3:39.903:54.36

With most of the finals set for Day 2 at the Irish National Track and Field Championships, it promises to be an enthralling day of action.  Ireland's finest track athletes will be aiming for victory, personal bests, and even qualifications for the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

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