Exciting Evening of IMRA Racing Ahead

May 29, 2024

This evening, May 29th, is brimming with IMRA (Irish Mountain Running Association) action across Ireland, with exciting events taking place in both Munster and Leinster.

In Munster, the inaugural Darby's Bed race is set to challenge runners in Limerick. This race marks the second instalment of the 2024 Summer/Autumn Trail League, following a successful opener at Garryduff Woods on May 1st. Participants in the Darby's Bed race will navigate a 9.7km course that features an elevation gain of 250m. The event is under the guidance of Race Director Tom Blackburn, who has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth and competitive race environment.

Meanwhile, in Leinster, the spotlight shines on County Wicklow where the Prince William's Seat race is the latest highlight of the 2024 Leinster League. With the league nearing its midpoint, the anticipation is high as this marks the fifth race in the series. The course, stretching 9.37km, presents a more demanding challenge with a 405m elevation gain, earning it a 7/10 on the IMRA Difficulty Scale. Brian McGuckin, the Race Director, has meticulously planned the event to test the mettle of even the most seasoned runners.

Both races exemplify the spirit and challenge of IMRA events, offering participants scenic yet demanding courses that highlight the natural beauty and rugged terrain of Ireland. As runners lace up for these evening races, they contribute to the vibrant and competitive atmosphere that defines the IMRA leagues across Ireland.

Featured Image: by Tricia Ryan

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