Finding the joy in Running

September 21, 2022

I get it, some say you’re either a runner or you’re not. It’s a kind of a Marmite thing …

I’ve been an international netball player, a school girl hockey player, a horse rider. But when it comes to cardio exercise now, running these days really is my favourite thing.

The reason I love it so much at the moment is that life itself is so busy. As a parent and a business owner I’m quite split between the number of things I have to do and the people I feel responsible for. And it all occurs on a timetable. School starts and ends at a specific time. Patients have appointments at a certain time. The clock is always ticking!

Running gives me such independence from all That!

Any time of the day or night I can put on my runners and go for a run. It doesn’t matter if it happens 5 minutes later than I’d planned. There’s no fixed opening hours! And There’s no charge!

It’s just me, my shoes and the road!

Team sports are fantastic of course, I enjoyed so many sports growing up, and am lucky to have some amazing life long friends as a result - but if something comes up at home and you don’t make it you’re letting other people down and it’s another layer of responsibility that I just don’t want right now. I’ve enough going on.

When I run, I get the heart rate up, I breathe deeply, the rhythm of the footfall when I get into my own stride can feel really soothing, and the sights and smells of nature calm me. If I go a little faster, I get that little adrenaline and endorphin lift and I come home glowing ( aka sweaty), and definitely a happier version of myself.

I’ve achieved something but it hasn’t taken all day and I haven’t felt like I’m robbing from somebody else in order to get my workout done (think this concept is commonly known as mum guilt).

And if one day my legs don’t feel like going fast, that’s ok too. A walk will do me just fine - who’s to know, who am I letting down if I go a little slower? There’s nothing at stake. Nothing to lose for the recreational runner and so much to gain by just getting out there any day, any time, any distance, any speed. Just go for a little run!


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