From Casual Runner to Outdoor Adventure Entrepreneur: The Journey of Urban Peaks

February 16, 2024

In a recent interview with Run Republic, Urban Peaks founder Matt Wright shared the intriguing story behind the establishment of his outdoor adventure company in Sheffield. What started as a personal journey into running during the pandemic evolved into a thriving business that offers unique experiences in the great outdoors. Run Republic delve into Matt's journey, the evolution of Urban Peaks, and the exciting ventures the company has in store.

Matt's journey into the world of running was unconventional, to say the least. In his 20s and 30s, he dabbled in cross country but never considered himself a dedicated runner. It was during his work in logistics in London, away from family during the pandemic, that he noticed someone running, sparking a newfound interest. From a modest 1k run, Matt progressed quickly from 5k to 10k's to half and full marathons, experiencing the joy of running that he wanted to share with others.

The formation of Urban Peaks was a result of Matt's passion for running spreading naturally through his social circle. What started as an informal running group organically transformed into something much more. Matt initially introduced the Couch to 5k program, adapted to suit beginners, emphasising a no-pressure and fun approach to running. The positive feedback led to the group's expansion, building his client base for 121 coaching sessions, garnering support from local businesses and gaining some sponsorships.

Matt emphasizes that Urban Peaks was never intended as a money-making scheme. Instead, it emerged from a genuine desire to share the transformative power of running and create a supportive community. As well as this, Matt's journey with Urban Peaks isn't just about running; it's about fostering a sense of community, promoting well-being, and inspiring others to embrace an active lifestyle. His own mental health has improved from running and being more active and he firmly believes anyone can enjoy running, especially in his preferred habitats on easy trails which can be found in the Peak District with a guide such as Matt to enjoy in the safe knowledge no one is going to get lost.

Urban Peaks, as an outdoor adventure company, offers a variety of experiences. Corporate packages such as celebrating success or family gatherings, or simply for those seeking a break from the routine, guided activities in the Peak District, and even campervan hire for adventurous souls looking to explore the outdoors on their terms. Matt's partnerships with local businesses, restaurants, and preferred boutique hotels underscore the company's commitment to providing comprehensive and enjoyable outdoor experiences.

Matt shared a dream of his with Run Republic, Cani-Cross, combining his love for running with his four-legged friend Jessie (his much loved Hungarian Vizla). On top of that, Matt has his mind set on one day becoming a Race Director in the Peaks, emphasising the importance of setting goals and having a plan in place. 

Matt's journey from an occasional runner to the founder of Urban Peaks is a testament to the transformative power of running and the outdoors. Urban Peaks not only provides opportunities for individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle but also fosters a sense of community and adventure. As the company continues to evolve and expand its offerings, Matt's passion for the outdoors shines through, inspiring others to explore the beauty of nature and the joy of running.

You can check out Urban Peaks official website by clicking here, and you can find them on Instagram @urbanpeakssheffield!

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