Motivational Monday

September 28, 2015

Welcome to Motivational Monday, an encouraging push to kick-start your week with a personal journey inspired by the average runner. 

Today we say hello to Andrea Magold- Race Director, Marathon runner, Triathlete, wife and mother of two. She shares her story of how she became introduced to running, her motivation and how it has led her to achieved countless triumphs within her personal goals. Andrea has transformed her life by starting with a simple 5k, enabling her to find true calling in running and now she helps others achieve their goals by directing her own series of races.

Andrea Magold, 47, London

Why did I start to run ?? Well, it all started in the gym I joined to keep fit. I loved the pool and still do, but I thought I would try the treadmill so I built it up to 5k and though about taking the run outside but I did not feel confident enough to. So I use to childminder this ladies children, she ran out side and said she would take me out,  So we would run together but she was a lot faster then me so we started together which got me outside then she would leave me to find my own pace, slowly I got confident and even started going out on my own. We decided to go together and get some new running shoes while we was in the shop paying for them the Shop assistant asked us if we would like to enter the first Pettwood 10k 8 or 9 years ago , I said no thank you and my friend said yes please, so we did the rest is history we both went on to conquer  so many more, obstacles races, marathons triathlons and now me and my bestie host 5 races events a year 1 even got voted on its debut  in the top 50 UK events. I feel we have come a long way on our running journey.
Motivational MondayMotivational Monday

Andreas is the Race Director of PB Race Events, hosting a variety of 5k-10k running races across Kent and London. Her upcoming 10k race will take place 17th October in Hyde Park and aids to support the charity ‘The National Osteoporosis Society’. Grab some friends and take on the challenge to run around the beautiful London Gardens for a good cause.

Enter at:

PB Race Events – Run For Osteoporosis

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