Mud and Victory: Slievenamon Race Defies Elements in IMRA Munster Championship

May 27, 2024

The Slievenamon race, held last Sunday, May 26th, emerged as a triumphant spectacle in the IMRA Munster Championship, showcasing the grit and determination of its participants amidst the capricious weather. Despite intermittent thunder showers, the race predominantly remained dry, allowing runners to relish the stunning vistas along the route.

Covering a challenging 8km distance with a formidable 580m elevation gain (4km ascent and descent), the event drew competitors eager to test their mettle against nature's obstacles. Along the route, athletes displayed perseverance and skill, pushing themselves to the limits to conquer the course.

In a display of sheer athleticism and heart, the winners below emerged triumphant. Among the female competitors, Kealey Tideswell claimed the top spot, followed closely by Deirdre Collins and Angela Tobin. In the male category, Sean Quirke surged to victory, securing first place, with John Leonard and David Power closely trailing behind.

Acknowledgment reverberates throughout the community towards Race Director Eugene O'Keeffe and his dedicated team of volunteers, whose planning ensured a seamless execution of the event. Their efforts in marking the course flawlessly provided runners with a clear path to chase their goals. Moreover, the hospitality extended with tea, coffee, and sandwiches at the pub afterward underscored the community prevalent among participants and organisers.

The race day, however, presented its own challenges, with the weather transforming the fields into treacherous mud pits. Undeterred, volunteers alongside O'Keeffe rallied to the aid of stranded vehicles, embodying the spirit of unity and co-operation that defines the IMRA family.

Anticipation brews for the upcoming fixtures in the IMRA Munster Summer/Autumn Trail League. Darby's Bed beckons participants on the 29th of May, followed by the 3 Counties Trail/S. Luachra on Sunday, June 2nd.

Featured Image: by Cornelius McFadden

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