Parkrun Remove Runner Records Following Review

February 08, 2024

Parkrun have today removed a number of records from their website following a lengthy review process. 

An official statement from Parkrun read - 

"You may have noticed some changes to how we display statistics and data across parkrun websites and we wanted to explain what is changing and why."

"As parkrun has grown over the years we have made many changes to our digital communication including things such as layout, design, imagery and the language we use – and will continue to do so as we evolve." 

"We try hard to make sure the information we share is consistent with our values, and that, in all that we do, we continue to find ways to remove barriers to registration and participation." 

"We know that our websites are an important source of information for all parkrunners, especially those who are new and yet to take part, and we therefore established a global working group to consider how we can present data in a way that is not off-putting and doesn’t imply that parkrun is a race. "

"This project covered parkrun’s global website, national websites and event websites for both 5k and junior parkrun and considered feedback from a range of people including those who had signed up with parkrun but not participated, those who had participated once, and from a range of regular participants. This project group has spent many months now making detailed investigations and recommendations."

"What was clear is that there was a disconnect between the performance data displayed so prominently on the site, and our mission to create opportunities for as many people as possible to take part in parkrun events - especially those who are anxious about activities such as parkrun, but who potentially have an enormous amount to gain."

"Based on the conclusions and recommendations of the project group, we will no longer publish data such as most first finishes, sub 17 men and sub 20 women, and age grade or category speed records. Alongside these, as part of our ongoing data protection improvements, the search function has been removed."

"Your personalised results email and your individual profile pages will remain unchanged, as will the results pages for every event. The event history page will also stay the same, including the ‘sort’ function at the top that allows data to be displayed in different ways."

"As we work towards the objectives set out in our five year strategy we’ll continue to take steps to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy parkrun for what it is: a free community event and an opportunity to be active, social and outside in a non-competitive, inclusive and welcoming environment."

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