Product Review - Kinetica Recovery Protein

October 12, 2015

As with most recovery products, the company recommends you take it within 20 minutes of exercise, which most of the time for us is in the car on the way home. The Blackcurrant we tried was thoroughly agreeable, tasting much like a typical blackcurrant squash, a pleasant change from the typical strange tastes of other recovery products we’ve had the horror of trying.

Containing whey protein isolate combined with dextrose and maltodextrin, the mix of protein and carbohydrate is intended to feed quickly to tired muscles after hard exercise, leaving you ready and recovered for your next ride sooner.

Based on my experience of the Kinetica energy products, I've always been impressed.

Some Info we found on Kinetica Online:

Following intense training and activity it is important to get your body on the road to recovery as quick as possible. Kinetica 100% Recovery is designed to specifically help your body recover from even the most challenging session.

The special tri-carb blend of carbohydrates are absorbed at a fast and sustained pace to replenish muscle glycogen and deliver prolonged energy when you need it most. Kinetica 100% Recovery also contains all the peptides, essential amino acids and vitamins your body needs to get back performing quicker.

Made with Kinetica's unique Biotein Recovery protein, this is a blend of the most advanced and purest whey proteins to aid recovery and muscle maintenance. Focussing purely on post-exercise muscle recovery and repair, simply add two scoops to 400ml of water within 20 minutes after activity and you have your instant recovery drink ready to consume.

Free of artificial flavours and colours, Kinetica 100% Recovery drinks are available in thirst quenching orange and mango, blackcurrant and wild berry flavours.

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