Promoting a Culture of Fun & Inclusiveness, While Building Athletics Stars

January 12, 2024

Ace Athletics Club has seen a meteoric rise since its establishment in 2018. Based in Louth, Co Drogheda, the club has recently bought a 10-acre site to continue its development. Run Republic spoke to the people at Ace Athletics Club to learn more about one of the country's rising clubs.

'In a mere five years since our formation, we have emerged as the premier athletic club in Louth and one of the most successful in Leinster and Ireland. We have rapidly risen to prominence, transforming the local athletic landscape through our results, our dedication and passion.

'We instil core values such as perseverance, teamwork, and sportsmanship, and have created a nurturing environment where young athletes can thrive.'

The club have a number of emerging talents in their ranks, which we are sure you will hear more about in 2024! 'Our young athletes have consistently dominated the local youth athletic circuit, securing numerous county medals and breaking many records along the way. These successes have earned us attention and recognition, establishing Ace AC as a force to be reckoned with in both Louth and Irish Athletics.'

With the purchase of a new site for the club, the trajectory of Ace Athletics Club will continue to go upwards. 'With our training sessions now at 5 days a week and our numbers growing, we recognised that having no facilities of our own, was not sustainable in the long term. We recognized the importance of finding our own home as well as building modern facilities to help us develop athletes (both elite and fun runners).

The club hope that the new Galroostown site will aid the growth of athletics in the county and 'provide local athletes, local schools, and the local community with somewhere to exercise and bolster their training experiences, enabling elite athletes to reach new heights of performance and enabling fun runners and walkers to keep fit and healthy in a nice safe and modern environment.'

This weekend, the club are hosting their "5k R-Ace 2024" which will raise funds for the development of Athletics in Drogheda, as well as going towards the growth of the club.

You can sign up for Sundays' race by going to our Race Calendar here!

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