REVIEW: Is the Asics GT2000 - 7 a running shoe for you?

June 03, 2019

The Toyota of Shoes, reliable, comfortable, and does the job  – ★★★★★

Profile - Stability Shoe

Projected Wear - 500 Miles 

Running shoes come and go. Some of us will go with a shoe and stick to it, some of us will chop and change based on any number of factors. I'd be one of those to change fairly often. I've had Mizuno, Saucony, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Asics, and probably tried a few others. Getting a shoe which I feel comfortable with is a rare thing. When I decide to stick with a brand, they seem to invariably "upgrade" elements of the shoe which rarely are to my delicate liking.

My last shoe was an Asics which I liked a lot, but decided to go with a different model. The GT-2000 was something I had always seen and heard people talk about. If compared to a car, the GT-2000 is like a Toyota... it's built to be reliable, get the job done with some comfort, and doesn't over complicate things with bells and whistles. Both the Toyota and GT-2000 don't pretend to be all singing all dancing Kayano or Nike Pegasus.

Asics have made some minor adjustments to their reliable GT-2000. The moderate stability shoe is similar to the previous model, however, the latest GT-2000 brings more comfort the the already well structured shoe.

One problem I used to have with Asics before, was my big toes were bred more for wellies than for running shoes. Invariably, the big toes started to break through the mesh in a method akin to alien breaking through John Hurt's chest in ALIEN. Having run about 250 miles in the GT-2000, it seems like my toes have a bit more room, and the mesh around the toes has been improved.

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