Running in Circles: From Post-Marathon Blues to Doing it all again!

November 14, 2023

It is hard to believe it is just 2 weeks since the Dublin Marathon. It honestly feels like an eternity ago. There have been some other great marathons too such as New York, Berlin, Munich, and many many more. If you have run one recently, or if you ran a marathon many moods ago, you probably know all about the Post Marathon Blues!

For some of us, the braver ones, while still in the throws of the runners high have entered another marathon. You have absolutely no idea how this happened, or why you'd choose to run the same marathon again. The bank balance doesn't lie, and you have entered your next marathon! Go you! Of course, you're not even remotely thinking about training. There are too many mince pies, leftover sandwiches, the occasional mulled wine, and perhaps a bit of over indulgence you need to train for. Training for whatever marathon you've entered is tomorrows problem. But go you, you've turned your post marathon blues into a cyclical endeavor where the only way you can be at ease is by knowing you have to do it all over again! I envy the luxury of making those split decisions.

If you're anything like me, you've probably run yet another marathon where you know by some metrics you have done well, but in all honesty you just didn't put in the work. The marathon was a slog, and you did some soul searching. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you probably said "What the f*** am I doing this for?!" at many different mile markers. Of course, getting the medal makes it all worth while, but at the same time, you are somewhat reluctant to go through it all again. 

My evenings of listing to podcasts as I go for a long run, or researching gels and when to take them have been replaced by watching Strictly on a Saturday night, and wondering if there is a new hobby I can take up. Perhaps one that doesn't involve much pain. I considered reading, but there are more books than marathons. Yes, I did read some good books, but they tended to usher me back to entering another marathon. Maybe knitting. The weather is getting colder, and there's nothing better than being warm. Think I'll stick to the Strictly...

Then comes Christmas, and meeting up with friends. You know, those "non runner" types. The conversation usually revolves around other sports like rugby, soccer, or formula one. Dungeon's and Dragon's would be a mainstay for my group of friends. While the conversations ebb and flow, someone will always ask, "So, have you any marathon's coming up". And with that simple question, a seed is planted. It is a pretty timely seed too, but you notice the major races are all sold out, so you look for a smaller race at home or overseas. Again, if like me, you justify a race like the Rome marathon because "its really a city break, I just happen to be running as well". My wife will gladly say that this is not the case, and be at pains to explain how long it takes to go to the expo, how "he suffered and could hardly walk the day after, we didn't see anything". Its still a holiday in my books.

And then with a bang, both groups of runners converge on January 1st like a juggernaut of power and energy ready to take on the next adventure. A smattering of key races are planted around the country to help get your eye in. From the Raheny 5 Mile, to the Trim 10, and many other great races in between, we find ourselves back in the routine of putting on our shoes, and getting back out that door for yet another adventure. So for the last 6 weeks of this year, know that it is ok to take it easy. Rest up, and recover. Do easy miles

Why do we do it? We know no other way!

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