Scaling Heights: The Seefin Uphill Race and the Euro Uphill Trial Challenge

April 11, 2024

Tomorrow's Seefin Uphill Race is set to be a thrilling event, drawing runners from across Ireland to tackle the challenging 4km uphill course. Organised by Race Director Robbie Williams, this event promises a test of endurance and skill as participants navigate the ascent up to the stone circle at the top of Seefin.

As of now, there are 63 entries for the race, with registration for the race closing promptly at 6pm this evening, so runners are urged to finalise their entries to secure their spot in this event. 

The race is scheduled to start at 7pm, just up from the Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Centre. The course itself presents a formidable challenge, with the climbing segment kicking in after the initial 400 meters. Runners will need to dig deep as they ascend, facing an elevation gain of 350m before reaching the finish line at the stone circle atop Seefin.

What makes this race particularly enticing is its affiliation with the Euro Trials, attracting elite athletes aiming to meet specific time targets. Those competing for Euro Trials recognition must achieve the following times:

  • Senior Men: 18:00
  • Senior Women: 21:30
  • Junior Men: 20:00
  • Junior Women: 24:00

These time targets add an extra layer of intensity to the competition, as participants strive to meet the standards set for their respective categories.

Moreover, the race isn't limited to Euro Trials contenders; it's also open to any IMRA (Irish Mountain Running Association) registered runner. This inclusivity fosters a vibrant and diverse field of competitors, each bringing their unique strengths and strategies to the racecourse.

With runners converging from various corners of Ireland, the Seefin Uphill Race isn't just a standalone event—it's part of a larger weekend of challenges. Sunday's Seefin Challenge adds to the excitement, creating a dynamic atmosphere for runners and spectators alike.

As anticipation builds and athletes prepare to push their limits, the Seefin Uphill Race promises an evening of thrilling competition and memorable achievements. Whether aiming for Euro Trials recognition or simply seeking to conquer the demanding course, participants are sure to leave their mark on this event.

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