The Finish Line meets Michael Mcenery

January 07, 2019

Run Republic caught up with Raheny Shamrock runner, Michael Mcenery. A long time friend of Run Republic, Michael is the 4th runner in our weekly series of “The Finish Line” where we talk to club runners around the country. The goal of the series is to highlight the achievements of runners of all abilities around Ireland.


Michael Mcenery


Raheny shamrock 



Favourite Event

Love it all Short/ long / ultras 24h events

Running Level


How did your athletics journey begin?

It’s was a bet to run the Dublin Marathon in 2010. And I did 3:39, and lost 4 stone in the process. Then I did one a year till 2016 when my mother became ill with cancer. I decided to run from Dublin to Kerry in 3 days, in doing so I ran 42 marathons that year to build stamina plus 36. Miler, 40 miles 60 miles and 100 in a 24h event.

Which leads me to 32 in the year my mother died 2018. And more to follow in 2019 till I get 1200km in 2 weeks in memory of my mother.

What were the early challenges you faced? How did you over come them?

Fitness, and food intake

Do you use data for training? What wearable tech do you use?

Just a Garmin watch do really track progress

Run with how I feel. I do it the FRANK SINATRA WAY (My way )

What have been your biggest achievements to date? What are some of your PB’s?

3.31 - Marathon - This year

39min - 10K

18.36min - 5k

5.19min - mile

36h on the mountains in the Kerry way ultra 200km

What is your current goal?

Reach 100marathons by March/April

Followed by my 1200km project

Then reduce all my times inc sub 3 marathons some time soon. I am really happy with my progress.

Not many I have been told are short distances runners

That can tackle ultra distances aswell

That’s why I am lucky at my running

What would you do differently if you had to start again?

Nothing I am so happy the way I have do It

It’s my path that’s what counts to everyone

So what they feel comfortable.

I find some to be arrogant in the way the come across

And bully other runners and it actually put some from starting altogether.

What’s the next event you've planned?

8 more marathons by March

1 this Saturday


What advice would you give the readers of Run Republic?

Do it your way find a plan that works for you. If it’s just to go out and keep fit join the park runs with like minded people or if it’s time or competition join a club

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite song?


What is your favourite movie?

Shaw shank redemption

What is your favourite TV Show?

Big bang theory

What is your favourite food?


Who is your sporting idol?

Pats Spillane

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not training?

Reading, scuba diving

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