Bandon AC's Urgent Call for Action: Cork Athletics in Limbo

March 13, 2024

In a devastating blow to the athletics community in Cork, the sudden closure of the UCC Mardyke Track has left high-performance athletes scrambling for alternatives. With no Cork-based track available for training, the region's athletes face significant challenges in preparing for Regional, National, and International competitions. The closure not only impacts track events but also exacerbates the existing shortage of facilities for other events in the county.

Bandon AC expressed shock and sadness at the news of the closure. For them and many other clubs, the closure poses a major obstacle in preparing for the Cork County Championships. Without a local track, planning and organising events become exponentially more difficult.

This crisis underscores the pressing need for the completion of the Bandon AC tartan all-weather track. Thanks to generous funding from sources such as the Sports Capital and Cork County Council grants, as well as support from sponsors and the community, significant progress has been made on the project. Construction of field event facilities is already underway, with the only remaining hurdle being funding for laying the track.

The completion of the Bandon AC track would provide a vital solution to the current predicament facing Cork athletes. With facilities accessible within 20 minutes of the city, the track would serve as a lifeline for the 8,600 athletes left abandoned by the closure of UCC Mardyke Track. The urgency of securing additional funding cannot be overstated, as it would accelerate the availability of a much-needed training facility for Cork's athletes.

The closure of the UCC Mardyke Track serves as a wake-up call for the importance of investing in sports infrastructure. Athletics clubs across Cork are now faced with the daunting task of finding alternative training venues, highlighting the critical need for accessible and well-equipped facilities.

The community's support for the completion of the Bandon AC track is more vital than ever. By coming together to overcome the funding barrier, Cork can ensure that its athletes have the resources they need to excel on the regional, national, and international stages. Now is the time for action to ensure that Cork's athletic talent doesn't suffer due to a lack of facilities.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Bandon AC.

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