Conor Penney Sets New Record!

April 09, 2024

Athlone, Ireland - April 7, 2024

Conor Penney made waves in the Irish athletics scene last Sunday at the Insurance National Juvenile Indoor Championships in Athlone, achieving a remarkable record jump of 2.04 meters. This feat not only earned him the win in the Irish u17 high jump but also a European U18 qualifying standard.

Penney's journey to this historic jump has been marked by determination and hard work. According to insights shared by his sprints and hurdles coach Ronnie Warde with Run Republic, Penney's pursuit of excellence has been evident in his performance across various competitions. Since breaking the 2-meter mark, Penney has participated in seven competitions.

During these competitions, Penney showcased his skills by securing a silver in the Seniors category and claiming victory in the u20's, where he outjumped all competitors in his age group. Despite his successes, Penney had yet to reach the elusive 2.04m mark until his outstanding performance at the National Juvenile Indoor Championships.

Penney's training regimen leading up to the championships was intensive and strategic. Under the guidance of his high jump coach Mike Tobin, Penney worked extensively on refining his technique. They made critical adjustments to his run-up and stride pattern, demonstrating Penney's receptiveness to feedback and his commitment to improvement.

On the decisive day of the championships, Penney's hard work paid off in spectacular fashion. With  final jump attempt, he soared over the 2.04-metre bar with a few centimetres to spare, setting a new record and clinching the gold medal in the u17 high jump category. The atmosphere was electric as spectators witnessed Penney's exceptional skill firsthand.

In addition to his record-breaking high jump, Penney also displayed his versatility on the track by winning the u17 hurdles event and achieving a personal best in the process. His success serves as a testament to his multifaceted athletic abilities.

It wasn't just Penney who shone at the championships; his teammate Rachel Warde also stood out with a gold medal in the u16 hurdles, marking her third consecutive indoor national title—an extraordinary achievement that underscores the strength of their training.

Conor Penney and his teammates
Conor (718) and his teammates, including Rachel Warde (194).

Conor Penney's record jump of 2.04 metres not only secured his victory at the National Juvenile Indoor Championships but also solidified his position as one of Ireland's most promising young athletes. 

Featured Image: GMU Photography

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