Fog In The Bog League's Fifth Race Triumphs in The Paps

July 02, 2024

The fifth race of the Fog In The Bog league unfolded spectacularly on Sunday, June 30th, at the stunning Paps mountains. Competitors faced an 8.4km route with a challenging 682m elevation, making it a true test of everyone on the afternoon.

In the female category, Anita Locke emerged as the winner, displaying remarkable stamina and speed which also earned her third place overall. She was closely followed by Michelle Kenny, who secured a brilliant second place, and Siobhan Dineen, who rounded out the top three with her impressive performance. In the male category, Ray O'Keeffe demonstrated exceptional skill and strength to clinch first place. Not far behind, Steven O'Keeffe took second place, while Paul Cleary's strong performance earned him a well-deserved third place.

Participants enjoyed favourable weather conditions, enhancing the experience with clear skies and great views from the two peaks. The scenic vistas provided a stunning backdrop for the runners, contributing to the race's vibrant atmosphere.

A special thank you was extended to Race Director Micheal McSweeney and all the dedicated volunteers. Their hard work and organisation ensured another successful and memorable mountain race.

The next race in the IMRA Munster calendar is set for Warrenscourt Forest, part of the Summer/Autumn Trail League. This exciting event will take place on Wednesday evening at 7:30pm, promising even more thrilling competition.

Stay tuned to Run Republic for a preview of that one and more this week!

Featured Image: Michelle Kenny on the descent. 2nd lady. 4th overall.

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