Gear Up and Give Back: Support Trail Criú at the IMRA Djouce - The Ayling Abyss Race

June 11, 2024

Tomorrow evening, the IMRA Djouce - The Ayling Abyss race will feature a special kit collection drop-off for Trail Criú, a community-focused organisation dedicated to making trail running more accessible. Participants and spectators are encouraged to bring items such as trail runners, running trousers, shorts for men, coats, hats, and gloves.

Founded with a mission to break down barriers and create opportunities, Trail Criú has quickly become a beacon of inclusivity and support. In a recent conversation with Run Republic, Alicia from Trail Criú expressed the importance of this collection for their initiative.

"The IMRA kit collection is vital for the group because kits can be a big barrier for participation a lot of the time in trail running," Alicia explained. "Often, standard runners are not sufficient for tackling trails; better quality runners are necessary and can be quite expensive." Coats, hats, gloves are all essential too, alongside maps and compasses. Safety equipment and even foil blankets are frequently donated and make a huge difference to what Trail Criú does in the community.

Alicia highlighted that without adequate kits, many people cannot participate in trail running events, making the IMRA kit collection crucial. The support from IMRA and its community allows Trail Criú to lower the barriers to entry, thus creating a sense of community and connection among participants.

The kit collection at the IMRA Djouce - The Ayling Abyss race represents more than just an opportunity to donate gear; it is a chance to contribute to a growing community that values inclusivity and the spirit of trail running. Your donations can help ensure that everyone has the equipment they need to safely and enjoyably take part in this exhilarating sport.

Join IMRA runners tomorrow evening at Djouce Mountain to support Trail Criú by dropping off your gently used gear and cheering on the runners.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Trail Criú

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