Knockmealdown Mountain Ultra: A Challenging Yet Spiritual Journey Awaits

April 19, 2024

The inaugural Knockmealdown Mountain Ultra, set to take place tomorrow, promises to be a gruelling yet spiritually enriching experience for participants. Race Director Robbie Williams, speaking to Run Republic, shared insights into the race's conception and what participants can expect from this unique event.

The genesis of the Knockmealdown Ultra stemmed from the exploration of a local walker who traversed the entire route, covering approximately 55 kilometres and scaling the high peaks within the Knockmealdown Mountains. Inspired by this journey, the race organisers aimed to replicate and enhance this experience. Consequently, the route spans 65 kilometres, starting and finishing at the iconic Mount Melleray Abbey.

Participants will embark on a challenging adventure, encountering rugged terrains and scenic vistas as they navigate through open mountains and some fire roads. With an elevation gain of roughly 3,000 meters, the course promises to test the endurance and determination of every runner.

Mount Melleray Abbey adds a unique dimension to the Knockmealdown Ultra. By choosing this revered location as the race's hub, organisers have integrated elements of spirituality into the event. The monks of Mount Melleray Abbey are actively involved, offering accommodation for participants, providing a space for food preparation, and even bestowing a special blessing before the race begins.

The blessing ceremony, scheduled for 6:50 am on Saturday morning, symbolises a harmonious blend of physical challenge and spiritual support. It sets a tone of reverence and unity among participants, emphasising the holistic nature of the Ultra.

The Knockmealdown Mountain Ultra is not just a test of physical prowess but a journey of self-discovery and communal spirit. The race commences at 7:00am, with runners immersing themselves in the breathtaking landscapes and conquering the demanding terrain. Along the way, they will forge bonds with fellow participants, sharing in the triumphs and challenges of the trail.

As runners cross the finish line back at Mount Melleray Abbey, they will carry with them not only a sense of accomplishment but also a deeper connection to nature and spirituality given the surroundings.

The Knockmealdown Mountain Ultra stands as a testament to the human spirit's capacity for endurance and exploration. It blends physical exertion with spiritual introspection, offering participants a transformative experience amidst the stunning backdrop of the Knockmealdown Mountains.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Robbie Williams

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