The Next Generation - Holly Renton

April 11, 2024

Holly Renton, born on March 30, 2010, is a budding star in the world of middle-distance running and cross-country athletics. One of the formidable Renton Twins, Holly has already marked her presence with a string of impressive achievements and a determination that sets her apart.

Holly's journey into the world of athletics began early. From the moment she could walk, she was already racing around her home. Alongside her twin sister Freya, Holly trains rigorously twice a week with Westport AC, where their mother also serves as one of the coaches. On weekends, their father joins in on some sessions, where the girls put him through his paces!

In 2023, Holly's talent shone brightly as she clinched several notable victories. On the track, she secured silver medals in the Mayo and Connacht Championships for the Under 14 800m Indoors and Outdoors categories, along with a bronze in the All Ireland Championships and a silver in the Outdoor 800m. Her prowess extended to the 1500m category, where she earned silver and bronze medals across regional and national levels. In cross-country, Holly continued her form with silver and bronze finishes, showcasing her versatility across different terrains and distances. 

2024 has seen Holly pushing her boundaries further. Despite a heavy fall during the All Ireland Under 15 800m Indoor Championships, where she sustained injuries over the finish line in the heats, Holly displayed remarkable resilience. Undeterred, she not only competed in the final but also completed the race, embodying a spirit of tenacity and positivity that earned admiration from all quarters.

Her accomplishments in 2024 include silver medals in the Mayo and Connacht Championships for the Under 15 800m Indoors, as well as a notable 6th place in the fiercely competitive All Ireland Championships. In cross-country, Holly added another bronze to her collection in the All Ireland Junior Girls Cross-Country Championships. A significant highlight was her performance in the SIAB's, where she contributed to Ireland's team silver, competing against top athletes from England, Scotland, and Wales, a competition where she also clinched an individual bronze medal.

As Holly sets her sights on the future, her ambitions align closely with those of her sister Freya, with a shared determination to continuously improve and surpass their own limits. Their family's support and the closeness within their club, school, county, and province teams fuel their aspirations.

For Holly Renton, each race is not just a competition but a testament to her resilience, dedication, and spirit. With her eyes fixed on the horizon, she epitomises the essence of the next generation of athletics, poised to leave a mark on the track and beyond.

Stay tuned to Run Republic as we will highlight Holly's sister Freya in another Next Generation piece!

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